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Our Heritage

VB Enviro Care is creating a healthier quality of life for the whole community
by providing a pharmaceutical grade healthcare disinfecting standard.

About VB Enviro Care

Healthier Quality Of Life

VB Enviro Care is committed to providing safe and healthy indoor environments for commercial, industrial and residential settings. The company is focused on surface disinfection, air disinfection and personal protection. VB Enviro Care was created by the Viscogliosi brothers, founders of the Viscogliosi Brothers LLC, a family office specializing in venture capital, private equity and merchant banking. They saw a need in the market to address the burgeoning issue of maintaining safe and healthy indoor environments, and VB Enviro Care is the answer.

Headquartered in New York City and founded by Anthony, John and Marc Viscogliosi in 1999, the firm creates, builds, operates and finances companies founded on surgeon development innovation to address unmet clinical needs uniquely focused on life changing neuromusculoskeletal technologies. VB principals have participated in more than 200 transactions, have invested in more than 20 companies and have formed nine partnerships. Since its conception VB LLC, its affiliates, and its partnerships have achieved more than $1.5 billion in exit value. Its portfolio has defined five new orthopedic industry categories and its investments have commercialized over 75 med-tech devices.

The VB principals have spent the past two decades changing the standard of care in the orthopedic industry, growing VB LLC into an investment engine. They now bring their expertise and drive to VB Enviro Care with the goal of providing comprehensive solutions for achieving and maintaining safe and healthy indoor spaces.



Company History


VB Enviro Care has 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry helping to improve indoor air quality for homes and businesses with technology backed by NASA, the Department of Defense, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


VB Enviro Care partners with Marriot to provide luxury safety solutions to visitors and staff.


VB Enviro Care’s suite of health solutions expands to include Goodview Temperature Scanners, Zoono long-lasting Hand Sanitizer, and Vitalux Luxury Hand Sanitizer.


VB Enviro Care partners with Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association (GGFA) to provide safety solutions to gym members and staff.


InstaScope and Clorox Total 360 System added to VB Enviro Care’s suite of health solutions.


VB Enviro Care partners with Dunkin Donuts Franchise to distribute health solutions to locations nationwide.


Airocide Air Purifiers are added to VB Enviro Care’s suite of health solutions for businesses and homes.


VB Enviro Care partners with Road America and the Masson Spine Institute to assist in maintaining operations during the pandemic.


VB Enviro Care launches to protect hospitals, manufacturers, and homeowners from infectious diseases with SteraMist and Novaerus products.


COVID-19 impacts the United States and the Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC began formulating a plan of action to assist with the pandemic.

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