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What Is Polluting Our Indoor Air?

28 / Sep / 21

It is critical for everyone to make sure they take care of their indoor air. Sadly, many people do not think about the quality of their indoor air until people start coughing and sneezing. To avoid serious quality of life issues, it is important to be proactive when it comes to maintaining indoor air quality.

While many people think of air pollution as something that is a problem outside, indoor air pollution is a serious issue as well. Everyone deserves to be able to breathe clean air. What are the most serious indoor air pollutants today?


Without a doubt, asbestos is still a major problem when it comes to the quality of our indoor air. This is a mineral fiber that occurs naturally in rocks, soil, and other places. Because asbestos is a strong fiber, it has been used in roofing shingles, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, paper products, and cement. It is also found in vehicles as well.

Unfortunately, research has shown that asbestos can lead to the development of a specific form of lung cancer called mesothelioma. While a significant proportion of asbestos has been removed from buildings (and new buildings are not made using asbestos), asbestos can still be found in older buildings. Therefore, it remains a major problem when it comes to indoor air quality.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Usually shortened to VOCs, volatile organic compounds are gases that are emitted by certain liquids and solids. Some VOCs can lead to adverse health effects and they are far more common inside than outside. VOCs are commonly emitted by household products such as waxes, varnishes, and paints. They are also emitted as a byproduct of certain fuels and oils. Furthermore, VOCs can persist in the air long after the emitting product has been put away. Because VOCs can lead to long-term health complications, they must be removed from the air.


Radon is a radioactive gas that is commonly found in buildings throughout the United States. Radon is created when uranium in the soil, rocks, and water starts to break down. Radon usually enters the air when it moves up through cracks in the ground and in your home’s foundation. While radon testing is common when homes are bought and sold, people tend to forget about it once they have lived in their homes for an extended period of time. Long-term exposure to Radon can lead to health problems, including lung cancer.

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Everyone deserves to be able to breathe clean air. At VB Enviro Care, we can help you do exactly that. With a premier air purifier from our team, we can help you remove pollutants from your home or office, allowing you to breathe freely. We place the health of our customers first, which is why we have worked hard to become a leader in indoor air purification and disinfection. Contact us today and let us help you clear the air!

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