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VB Enviro Care & Rolex 24: Creating Safe Zones On and Off the Track!

28 / Sep / 21

Rolex 24 at the Daytona International Speedway is back, and VB Enviro Care is helping create virus-free spaces for two racing teams so they can focus on the win!

As the pandemic continues, safety has become everyone’s priority, especially for those who are getting back on the track. This is especially true for Performance Tech Motorsports and Hard Point Racing as they prepare for the Rolex 24 Daytona International Speedway.

Last year, VB Enviro Care had the opportunity to create a COVID-19 safe zone for the Performance Tech Motorsports crew as they prepared for their race at Sebring International Speedway. With our pharmaceutical-grade healthcare disinfecting standard, we were able to give the entire PTM team peace of mind so they could focus on the race.

Click here for a look at how we helped Performance Tech Motorsports at the Sebring International Raceway last year.

This year, for Rolex 24 at the Daytona International Speedway, we are proud to be able to give the same peace of mind to the PTM team once again, along with the Hard Point Racing team with all our disinfection services. Our health solutions range from assessment and decontamination to air disinfection and personal protection. With our SteraMist Clinical-Grade Disinfection Services, we can disinfect high and low traffic areas like the drivers’ lounge, trailers, and even the cars themselves with 99.9999% efficacy. With Airocide, Novaerus, and Plasma Air purifiers we can also provide continuous air disinfection and air purification so the air, as well as surfaces are cleared of any harmful pathogens.

Besides air and surface disinfection, personal protection should also be a priority which is why we also provide protection solutions like the Zoono long lasting hand sanitizers that provide 24/7 protection and Vitalux luxury hand sanitizers that provide safe, clean hands without harsh chemicals.

Along with the No. 38 Ligier JS P320 from Performance Tech Motorsports and the No. 88 Porsche 811 GT3 R from Hard Point Racing, we will also be supporting the IMSA series.

No. 38 Ligier JS P320
No. 88 Porsche 811 GT3 R

Whether on the track or off it, our ultimate goal is to provide a healthier quality of life for the whole community, creating an environment that people can be confident in.

“Just because we’re going to open back up and go racing, doesn’t mean we should let our guard down and I think doing this with VB Enviro Care and getting our trailers done, gives everybody who works for you peace of mind.” – Brent O’Neill, Performance Tech Team Owner.

While masks, social distancing, and other safety precautions have been established for the upcoming race, VB Enviro Care offers a solution that is helping each crew turn virus and bacteria hot zones into zones that are safe.

Interested in creating your own safe zone? Take a look at our store and find out how you can stay safe from viruses and bacteria in your home and workplace.

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