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VB Enviro Care and Enviro-Mist Inc. Championing for Safe Opening of Community’s

28 / Sep / 21

VB Enviro Care aims to bring safety and peace of mind to reopening the communities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

EDMOND, OK. (July 7, 2020) – VB Enviro Care and sister company Enviro-Mist Inc. are on a mission to bring safety and peace of mind to reopening the communities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.   After 25 years of working primarily in the pharmaceutical industry, Enviro-Mist Inc. has combined with VB Enviro Care shifting its focus to bring top-grade disinfection to residential and business communities across the nation.   Enviro-Mist Inc. most recently treated the Seth Wadley Auto Group, a collection of local Oklahoma dealerships serving the Paul’s Valley area for over a decade. Recently the auto group redesigned its procedures due to COVID-19, this redesign included opening dealership doors to Enviro-Mist Inc.\ VB Enviro Care, LLC further to ensuring the safety of its staff and clients.   To begin the course of treatment Enviro-Mist Inc. technicians entered the dealership to deploy SteraMist. SteraMist is a penetrating mist that instantaneously kills 99.9999% of all viruses and bacteria. It infiltrates every cubic millimeter of the sprayed area leaving no nook or cranny untreated. Each treatment lasts 60-days on average.   Once the SteraMist is deployed the Enviro-Mist Inc. team disperses a cutting-edge micro barrier. Once applied the micro barrier acts as a shield, killing all viruses or bacteria that attempt to land on surfaces. This form of disinfecting is near the same sterilization grade used in operating rooms.   Finally, the dealership was provided with a Novaerus Defend 1050, a stand-alone unit that continuously disinfects the air. By using ultra-low plasma energy technology and a triple-stage Camfil© filter system the device takes in contaminated air, removes the particles, bacteria and viruses then returns the purified air to the room. Enviro-Mist Inc. is a sister company of VB Enviro Care , LLC. Enviro-Mist Inc. has become the forerunner of contract sterilizing services nationwide delivering consistent and effective results that are verified by independent testing, biological indicators and our satisfied clients. For more information visit enviro-mist.com or contact the team at info@vbenvirocare.com.

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