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The Flu Season To Beat All Flu Seasons

28 / Sep / 21

Jake finally finished his zoom meeting, and took a bathroom break. When he stopped in the kitchen for a glass of water, he ran into his wife, who was peeling off mask, gloves, and unloading groceries onto the counters.

“Hi Honey,” his wife greeted him with a kiss. “How was your zoom meeting?”

Jake responded, running his fingers through his bushy hair, “The meeting was fine. But then they started talking about COVID, the flu, and all the precautions. They’re saying that this upcoming flu season…that’s upon us now….is expected to be worse than other years… They’re calling it the flu season to beat all flu seasons…” Gulp.

Valerie set the bread down and looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Okaaaayyyy…why?? As if we haven’t already been using precautions for COVID-19 for the last 9 months…  What now???”

“It has to do with the fact that both are viruses, both can make people really sick, and both can lead to pneumonia.” Jake shifted on his feet. “We already have enough worries about your mom because of her age, but imagine if she got COVID-19 and the flu at the same time..??? Then pneumonia…!! It could be devastating for her…”

Valerie frowned. “Yes, and your niece Maryn. With her asthma and diabetes issues…her immunity is already weakened. This is scary. I’ll call your sister and see if they know about the risks coming for Maryn’s sake.  I wonder what can be done?”

“I’m not sure…”Jake stared at this wife with such intensity, her heart skipped a beat. “Our Director said a report from the CDC encourages everyone to get a flu vaccine AND a pneumonia vaccine, to be protected, just in ca-”

Be Circumspect … But Don’t Panic

Valerie jumped in – “Good grief! It brings up so many questions. And you KNOW the internet  and news will have all sorts of conflicting information. People claim COVID is just like the flu, so they’ll not bother to protect for both. Some will say that the mask they wear for COVID will be plenty to protect them from the flu…You KNOW there will be all sorts of hue and cry about pneumonia vaccines just being an effort for the government to control or who knows what…and all the rest of the nonsense. Where can we find information we can trust?

“Imagine what it would be like if there was an air purifier that actually removed COVID and flu from the air?”

“Val, let’s use our heads.“ Jake tried to soothe his wife. “I always believe the best source of information about science or medical issues is pubmed, where you can read peer reviewed scientific studies to find the truth. So let’s do a search and see what we can find about similarities and differences of COVID-19 and flu and the risk of pneumonia. Let’s go to a reliable information source. And let’s talk to your mom and urge her to ask her doctor about getting both vaccinations…  let him guide her. Also, talk to my sister and see what she is aware of for Maryn.”

Valerie nodded, “and as for us, and our family, let’s get both the vaccinations for all of us. But let’s also google and see what we can find available for cleaning the surfaces in our houses. We’ve been using the wipes…but it feels hit and miss.  I wonder what else is out there…”

Jake agreed. “Won’t we all be relieved when this whole COVID thing is over…?”

Flu + Covid-19 = Monster Season For Respiratory Illness

They tell us to be sure and get both flu shots and pneumonia shots, because both the flu and COVID-19 can result in pneumonia.


This November, December, January, and February threaten to be the most dangerous period we’ve seen during 2020. The flu season to beat all flu seasons… flu + Covid-19

As temperatures get colder and colder, spread of these viruses will increase.

But the CDC reminds us that this is NOT forever.  By the middle of next year they expect the COVID incidence will diminish because we should have a vaccination available by then. By Thanksgiving 2021, we should be able to move about the country, join family and enjoy time together. That is the hope.

But for this one Thanksgiving, we need to keep a clear perspective about protecting our loved ones from infection.

Your Own Small Bubble of Trustworthy Contacts

One recommendation is to choose a small group of family or friends you interact with and to avoid others outside that group.  That may be a few family members you trust who maintain isolation (Link to Sept 29 blog) most of the time so you can know your time together isn’t exposing each other to infection. Two or three outside your household… For the rest of your family and friends, you can interact on zoom or FaceTime …or Skype.

Because there are too many Americans who are weary of the COVID precautions and have dispensed with the usual precautions and are spending time with friends and family who are not using caution in who they’re exposed to, as well. By letting their guard down, they’re inviting infection and spread of flu and COVID.

When that happens, and the viruses spread… people who are vulnerable to these viruses and lack the immunity to fight them can become seriously ill…even to the complications of severe after effects of COVID that may last for months or more after the virus has resolved. People you don’t even know who are exposed because of your contact’s contacts.

On the other hand, if you choose a small handful of circumspect friends or family, you can gather for an occasional casual dinner, or game night, and enjoy interaction without endangering or being endangered by others.

Social distancing, masks, and hand washing are a fundamental aspect of life for these contacts. Circumspect social contacts will closely observe these and other precautions.

There’s Even an APP for That… !

There are even apps to help you prepare yourself for risk in certain settings and activities.  No kidding.  Some will tell you what percentage of people in that gathering are wearing masks. Look them up.  Just another way to stay safe.

And remember how much safer it is to be outside (Link to OCT 13 blog) when around others. That free flow of air circulation dilutes the concentration of the virus.  Still, it doesn’t protect you completely. If you’re a foot or two from someone who’s contagious with COVID-19, you can still be infected, so maintain mask, a distance of 6-10 feet away from others…and keep up hand washing.

Fall and Winter Holidays Can Be Risky

Now let’s talk about gatherings. Like Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas, Hanukkah and other winter holidays.  Since Halloween involves crowds of children going from house to house with no idea who will answer each door, or who around them may be contagious, this is one Halloween season that deserves to be adjusted.

Look for ways to create fun at home. A piñata full of candy, carving pumpkins, costume contests. But if there was ever a Halloween your child should not go door to door or huddle in groups, this is the one. There will be plenty more to enjoy, but the risk this year is not worth the bit of fun. Fun that’s dwarfed by the looming threat of a world pandemic.

About Thanksgiving. Many plan to share Thanksgiving frivolity over Zoom. For the sake of protecting vulnerable members of the family.  The same is true for the rest of the winter holidays.

But with that said, there IS an alternative.

Short of a method for removing viruses, bacteria, and mold from the air and all surfaces, it is just better for everyone to stay home and connect on the internet.

However, there is a way to make your home, school, and office safe for a gathering for these holidays, and that involves a technology created by NASA and MIT, that actually DOES remove 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, and mold from the air in a space, and from the surfaces 99.9999%.

Can you even conceive how thorough that is?

Marketed by VB Envirocare, it’s affordable, and converts your home into an absolutely safe environment. No need for masks.

The best air purifier for coronavirus. It removes COVID from the air in your space.

For any gathering this fall, the CDC recommends that each participant undergo a COVID test, so you know if you’re positive you should stay home for the sake of the others.

By the same token, no one with a positive COVID test should attend any gathering, including where the Airocide (View our FAQs) and Steramist technology (Learn More about Steramist) is being used to rid the environment of these viruses, bacteria, and mold.

But with this technology in operation, there is no need for a mask.   Your guests can relax, knowing they’re in a virus-free, bacteria-free, and mold-free environment…and are safe.

A high tech monitor measures the presence of any of these contaminants in the air and displays the status. So you know. No need to guess.

This worry-free addition to your home, school, and office ensure the safety of the people who matter. So you can all relax and enjoy each other.

This is the BEST – the air purifier for coronavirus that REMOVES 99.9999% from the air.

There’s never been anything like this…but doesn’t it stand to reason that now…in the 21st Century… we would have the capability to protect ourselves from this pandemic??

We do.

Call us (877) 345 7541 now to find out how you can transform your environment. You can install this life and health saving technology in your home, school, and office. Now.

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