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Performance Tech Motorsports Creates COVID-19 Safe Zone for Crew and Drivers

28 / Sep / 21

Performance Tech Motorsports always places safety first, whether it’s on or off the track. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic the team takes its safety procedures one step further by employing VB Enviro Care services of products of; pharmaceutical grade healthcare disinfectants for where people work, live and play. Onsite VB Enviro Care will deploy clinically proven technologies and state of the art tools to provide disinfection near the terminal sterilization used in operating rooms.

For Team Principal Brent O’Neill no safety measure is too far to keep his team healthy.

“After one club event at Sebring I realized we were going to need to do more to keep our guys protected from this virus. It’s hot out, people are in and out of the trailer and continuously grabbing the same door handles, tools, and parts.”

Brent O’Neill – Team Owner

John Viscogliosi and Dr. Masson told me about VB Enviro Care and how he was using it at his clinics.

“Now we can disinfect everything, not just the surfaces that you see to wipe down. Big issues like driver suits, crew gear, and our personal belongings no longer have to be a worry. Racing and the community are our livelihood and we need to protect it at all costs. We all need to start using VB Enviro Care at the track if we want to continue this season smartly and safely.”

VB Enviro Care was introduced to the team through its CEO, John Viscogliosi, and team driver and surgeon, Dr. Robert Masson. Since the start of the pandemic, Dr. Masson has outfitted the Masson Spine Institute with VB Enviro Care products and services as well as regularly using SteraMist to further disinfect his workspace.

“At Masson Spine Institute, we have been fully operational since the Covid-19 outbreak began in March 2020 in the United States because of the nature and severity of the spinal cord and nerve problems that I treat,” Dr. Masson said. “We have to keep our staff and our facilities at the highest degree of safety, and we are extremely proactive in providing the best care for our patients and our national spine health community. When we learned about the VB Enviro Care solutions, and the state-of-the-art track record in highest risk industry, hospital, and outbreak environments over 25 years, it was an easy choice to make.”

“We are combining air handling, with surface disinfectant and decontamination, through the highest quality virus, and bacteria destroying ‘fog’ to get to the hardest to reach locations within our facilities. This is a historic global pandemic and we pledge to be at the forefront of patient safety. All of our patients and employees have been extremely happy that we have committed to this on their behalf.”

After seeing VB Enviro Care products at work in Dr. Masson’s clinics, Performance Tech has opted to follow a comprehensive at-track disinfectant plan each weekend beginning at Sebring International Raceway, July 16-18, the first race back with IMSA for the team.

To start the weekend Performance Tech will have SteraMist deployed throughout the teams’ entire paddock area. The mist will infiltrate every cubic millimeter instantaneously killing all viruses and bacteria. Secondly a mirco barrier is applied. Once established, the micro barrier will act as a shield, killing all viruses and bacteria that attempt to land on its surface.

VB Enviro Care offers three primary Noveaurus products that can be used throughout the paddock after the initial disinfection, the first of which is the Defend 1050. The Defend 1050 is designed for rapid remediation in large spaces with high risks of infection. At the start of each weekend, the Defend 1050 is used to completely sanitize and disinfect team trailers, tents, hospitality areas, and offices. Through the use of ultra-low energy plasma technology and a triple-stage Camfil© filter system, the air is disinfected, and dangerous particles are removed.

Following the use of the Defend 1050 Performance Tech turns to the Protect 900, a smaller, preventative unit to be used in indoor and outdoor spaces. The Protect 900 is designed for continuous air disinfection using the ultra-low energy plasma technology. It is compact enough to mount on the wall of the trailer or sit on a shelf amidst toolboxes or supplies.

Finally, Performance Tech outfits its smaller spaces, the drivers’ lounge or engineering office, with the Protect 200. The Protect 200 uses the same ultra-low energy plasma technology as the Protect 900 while being smaller and more discreet. Small areas with lower foot traffic like the drivers’ lounger are easy to overlook, however, some of the highest amounts of bacteria can be found in these areas due to the close quarters and low air ventilation.

All three units use the same cutting-edge process to sanitize the air and surfaces. First, the contaminated air is pulled into the unit by an internal fan. Next, the contaminants are rapidly and safely destroyed at the DNA level by an ultra-low energy patented plasma field emitted by internal plasma coils. Finally, healthy and contaminant-free air is returned to the room. The fan keeps the air constantly circulating the air in the room through the Noveaurus devices creating a safe, and healthy environment for everyone.

The team kicks off the weekend at Sebring International Raceway Friday, July 17. Due to COVID-19, the weekend features a condensed schedule and an allotted number of crew members per car. Each crew member is required to wear a mask at all points while on track premises and cannot intermingle with other teams. Amidst the close quarters of working at-track safety precautions beyond social distancing and masks must be put into place. VB Enviro Care offers the only solution to turning a hot zone of viruses and bacteria into a safe zone for each team.

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