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Let’s Face It: We Must Figure Out Ways to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus in Homes and Schools

28 / Sep / 21

It’s time to do something about the real problem with COVID-19.

Yes, we wear masks. Good ones, poor ones, and everything in between. The guy who pulls his t-shirt neck opening over his nose? No… not a real mask… Why?

Because the space between threads in the knit is humongous! A bus full of coronaviruses on a music tour can blast through those openings in a heartbeat. A coronavirus is tiny, right? So it takes a special barrier that can prevent a virus from passing through. We just must prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Still, the hand washing is good, the social distancing isn’t too bad… but 6 feet?

Seriously? How about 15 or 20 feet?

Let’s stop playing with this pandemic…pushing the envelope. Breaking rules.

Ok so let’s talk about this.
You love your family and you want to protect them. Let’s get serious about what it takes.

No politics. Just science.

Oxford University Press published a letter – an invited commentary actually – submitted by members of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, appealing to the international medical community and relevant health organizations to recognize the potential for airborne spread of corona virus that causes COVID-19. You can read it

Demonstrating the inhalation exposure risk to viruses in microscopic respiratory droplets they like to call micro droplets. These droplets suspend in the air in a closed area up to several meters…basically the size of a room.

What’s important to note is that these micro droplets aren’t only expelled during a cough or a sneeze, but especially during talking, and exhalation. Of course, the more deeply the infected person is breathing, the more of these micro droplets spread.

Micro droplet transmission from exhalation represents the greatest threat for COVID-19 spread.

This letter’s purpose is to advocate for the use of preventive measures to reduce the concentration of micro droplets and in so doing, to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Early in the development of the pandemic, 6 feet was broadcast as the safe distance between people to avoid spread of infection. And this distance has been employed throughout society and businesses to make these spaces safer. However, these micro droplets are traveling farther than 6 feet from the infected person, often 10 times that far.

And, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, several studies have demonstrated that it’s airborne transmission that explains the way this disease is spread inside rooms and buildings…as they put it, a spatial environment.

Close Proximity Without Direct Contact
So, a team of researchers did a pretty clever study. Three families were seated at neighboring tables in a poorly ventilated restaurant. Researchers studied videos of the behaviors of the family members during their meal.

There was no direct physical contact between any of the people who were being observed.

But 10 people out of the 3 families were infected. Interestingly, no one else in the restaurant at the time was infected, of the wait staff or the other 68 diners. Without direct or indirect contact among the people in these three families, the researchers concluded the ten cases were the result of micro droplet transmission from talking, breathing, throat clearing, etc.

In fact, researchers concluded the poor ventilation and crowding of the three families contributed to transmission by micro droplets suspended in the air.

So, that brings up the COVID parties of last spring. Remember? When a group of young adults gathered together in an apartment to show they weren’t susceptible to the pandemic? It happened more than once. Ten foot tall and bullet proof…right? Anyway, multiple people were infected in some cases, probably due to poor ventilation and crowding.

Certainly that was the case in a number of super spreading events that have been documented.

What Steps Can You Take ? This Is After All the 21st Century!

Let’s be honest with ourselves and our families, that washing hands often, using hand sanitizers, wearing good masks, these are all important and valuable in reducing the spread of this coronavirus, as well as other viruses, too. BUT…

Since emerging studies are showing us that the biggest threat for the spread of COVID-19 is micro droplets from respiration that remain in the environment, there is no more vital step to take than technology that removes the virus from the environment.

In cases where the technology is not available, adequate ventilation can help. But it’s not enough.

Because micro droplet transmission from exhalation represents the greatest threat of COVID-19 spread.

However, to make a real difference, to keep your family safe, requires removing the viruses from the air.

We Do Have the Technology
How often since the beginning of the pandemic have you heard someone say, “This is the 21st century!! If we can send people to man a space station, where is the technology to manage this pandemic???”

It’s here.

And available for your home, your schools, your hospitals, your businesses, and your corporations. To prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The result of work completed at NASA, and MIT technology initially developed to respond to biological warfare has been made available to you. A system that removes viruses from the air so completely you don’t even need to wear a mask and from the surfaces.

We’re talking 99.9999% removed. Virtually gone. And you breathe clean air that can’t make you sick.

What a relief to NOT Wear a Mask!!

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