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Is COVID-19 Reinventing Itself?

28 / Sep / 21

Is COVID-19 Reinventing Itself?

We’ve all heard stories about people who were reinfected, but according to experts those are believed to be due to testing errors. In fact, experts say those were more likely relapses.

However, in a case reported August 24, the world’s first reinfection was identified. And this discovery brings up some serious concerns we need to think about.

This case is about a 33 year-old man who was infected by SARS-CoV-2  (the virus that causes COVID-19) in March of 2020. After recovering, he traveled to Europe and developed symptoms again four months after his first diagnosis.  Once again, he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

A relapse..?


Researchers at the University of Hong Kong sequenced (which means they looked closely and sorted) the RNA of the virus from each of his infections and compared them.

Turns out they didn’t match. What?

Now a quick genetics lesson: The components of RNA are called nucleotides, which consist specifically of  A, C, or G (which each represent a certain component) …so they refer to them as “letters”… (to keep it simple, but makes sense right? )

Well, in the case of these two different infections, there were 24 letters from the RNA that didn’t match. They’re actually two different individual strains.

So, the second infection was not a relapse but a whole new unique infection.

Meaning you can be infected by as many of the strains as are out there. And some are more dangerous than others.

What on earth?

Which brings up concerns about protecting YOU, and the people who matter to you.

It’s one thing to be worried about wearing a mask and using sanitizer, picturing the coronavirus all around you. But picture this. Not just one type of the virus but many. And if you’re infected with one type, and recover, you can then catch another strain.

Even if you do have immunity from the first one!

You’ve heard talk about how once you have COVID-19, you’re protected because it’s a virus.

This isn’t exactly true…

And it seems that researchers find that immunity from a case of COVID-19 only lasts a few months, if that. Now you know how everything you read says something different. But bottom line, the jury’s still out.

So how safe are you, really?

First, if you’ve never been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19,  you’re vulnerable. But your overall health, age, condition, and other circumstances may determine whether you‘ll have a severe case or a milder one.

Unfortunately, because many people have had mild cases of coronavirus, word gets around that it’s nothing to be afraid of.  “Like the common cold,” they say.

Still, the number of deaths from this coronavirus is still high. And in some states it’s increasing.

Computer models from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) projects COVID-19 deaths at 2900/day by the end of December 2020, which exceeds the mid-April peak of 2290/day!

If that turns out to be true, we may be in for another shock. Paris, France is experiencing a second wave already, and is closing down bars and other gathering places. They’re adapting fast to the changing crisis.

In the US, we may have grown complacent. Weary of COVID, tired of the precautions…and what do people say?  “We want to get back to our lives.”

But, it appears it’s not over yet. And rather than become complacent, we need to gear up. We need to adapt…and prepare.

Especially when we ask is COVID reinventing itself?  Terrifying thought, that.

So back to the issue of COVID being made up of multiple configurations of RNA and what to do about it.

Second, if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have recovered, the experts say your second case is likely to be milder than the first one because of immunity you acquired with the first one. But these immune responses seem to have a limited life of their own.

In the case of our friend in Hong Kong, even though the RNA sequence of the second infection was different from the first, his second infection was milder. So the immune response he experienced probably kept the virus from making him sicker.

However, given a few months, that immunity will fade, and he – or you – may be set up for yet another reinfection.

The key to overcoming this pandemic is not about relying on questionable immunity, but about removing the virus from your environment.

Seriously, what can we do?

We must create environments free of the coronavirus.

We, the parents in our homes. We the administrations in our schools. We the doctors in our hospitals and clinics. We the CEOs in our office buildings. It’s up to us.

Where do you find the best whole home air purifier ?

So many are still working from home. But so many aren’t…

In the last post (Read The Post) we talked about the difference between enclosed spaces, and those spaces with fresh air and ventilation. It’s true that good ventilation with plenty of fresh air reduces the risk of spreading infection.  It doesn’t eradicate it, but it definitely helps.

But what about hospitals, offices buildings, and all the other places that ARE NOT WELL-VENTILATED.  We must take a step up.

And that’s where you come in.

It turns out that there IS technology to remove the coronavirus from an enclosed environment. It was developed by MIT and NASA to protect us from biological warfare.

Well, guess what?  That’s what this coronavirus is. It’s a potentially lethal virus that can kill large populations of humans and it has been spread around the world.

While people have divided into factions fighting the worldwide response to this virus, the technology to protect you, your family, and your co-workers has been quietly waiting to be utilized.

Marketed by VB Envirocare, this technology has been produced so you can affordably remove this coronavirus from your home, your schools, your hospitals, clinics, and offices. It’s already in use in a variety of settings, and you can utilize it in yours.

A two-phase system, one of which involves a misting system to remove not only 99.9999% of all bacteria and mold, but also all viruses from all surfaces in a given space, and is the only disinfecting system on the market that’s been cleared by the FDA as a medical device.

The other phase is a unit that removes the same lethal organisms from the air. This system which is saving lives was developed by NASA and also cleared by the FDA as a medical device.

It’s the best whole home air purifier technology out there. The best whole hospital air purifier technology…the best for any enclosed space.

This system is an air purifier for viruses, mold, and bacteria… But it has to be installed to do its job. Right? To protect you.

No…not an aerosol disinfectant spray you buy at the grocery store and spray around your house and on your doorknobs. This unit REMOVES this virus from the air, and  your air quality is regularly tested to ensure it’s virus- and bacteria-free.

In fact, this system relegates your environment 99.9999% virus, mold, and bacteria free.

Coronavirus free, influenza free, staph free, mold free.

So effective, you can invite your whole family for Thanksgiving, and they won’t have to wear a mask.  How’s that for incentive..?

As we move into flu season, removing flu virus from your environment will keep your family healthier, and your workplace healthier, too. An air purifier for viruses, mold, and bacteria.This system removes viruses, mold,  and bacteria. Removes them.

Way beyond an air purifier. This technology is an air PERFECTER.

What a concept.

Airocide. Removes bacteria, mold, and viruses, like the one that causes COVID-19, from the air.


Steramist. Removes the same dangerous molds, bacteria, and viruses from surfaces.

The result. A safe, healthy breathing environment for you and the people in your world who matter.

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