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Everyday Items Most Likely to Be Carrying Viruses or Bacteria

28 / Sep / 21

When people contract a viral or bacterial infection, they often do not know where they got it from. Even though it is true that people can transmit viral and bacterial infections from person to person, many people contract infections from everyday items. Even though you may not realize just how many products you touch on a daily basis, many of the items you come into contact with contain pathogenic particles. What are a few examples of these products?

What Everyday Items Could Harbor Viral and Bacterial Particles?

Some of the most common examples of items that could harbor viral and bacterial infectious particles include:

Computer Keyboards: Many people do not appropriately sterilize their computer keyboards because they are afraid that liquid cleaning products could disrupt the electrical wiring. Unfortunately, this also means that computer keyboards are among the dirtiest items in homes and offices.

Remote Controls: Similar to computer keyboards, a lot of people do not appropriately sterilize their remote controls either. As a result, they can harbor bacterial and viral particles as well.

Door Handles: Think about the number of people who touch a single door handle on a regular basis. This is one of the dirtiest locations in homes and offices and can easily transmit infections from person to person.

These are just a few of the top examples of everyday items that could transmit infections easily. Fortunately, there is a way to effectively clean these surfaces.

Sterilize Dirty Surfaces with Zoono Long-Lasting Sanitizer

Zoono Long-Lasting Sanitizer is a gentle skin and surface sanitizer that has been designed to provide protection that lasts up to 24 hours. Without any harsh chemicals, this is not going to irritate average or sensitive skin! When applied appropriately, it also will not damage the surfaces of everyday items. In contrast to other cleaning solutions which wear off after a few hours, Zoono Long-Lasting Sanitizer provides the daily protection that everyone needs to reduce the spread of viral and bacterial infections.

Trust Zoono Long-Lasting Sanitizer To Sterilize Your Surfaces and Reduce the Spread of Infections

If you are looking for a way to reduce the spread of infections in your home or office then rely on Zoono Long-Lasting Sanitizer to provide you with the protection you deserve. This sanitizer can effectively clean everyday items and reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. Contact us today to learn more about Zoono Long-Lasting Sanitizer!

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