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COVID’s Second Surge is Upon Us – Let’s DESTROY IT

28 / Sep / 21

There’s a movement sweeping the world. It’s a movement to install technology in buildings, offices, hospitals, schools, and homes that destroys the virus that causes COVID-19. That virus is SARS-CoV-2. You may not be aware there is technology that out shines the wipes and sprays you buy from the store or Amazon… or even chemical companies.

Actually this system outperforms anything else available on the market.

We’ve talked before about how people in general are so over COVID-19. So tired of the masking, sanitizing, testing, wiping down… and yet hospitalizations are increasing across the country.

The New York Times reports COVID’s second surge in France as well as Germany, the UK, and Canada.

We’re told that this FLU (OCT 26 post) season will be a double whammy as it’s complicated and possibly turbo-charged by COVID-19 this year. The CDC is also encouraging pneumonia shots if your doctor tells you you’re due for one because both COVID-19 and the flu can cause pneumonia, sometimes severe.

FLU season has begun and will continue well into Spring 2021.

USAToday reports that the height of the first surge of COVID-19 was July 16 with 77362 new cases reported. And on Thursday, Oct 29, reports of new cases in the US reached 99,728. Much of this surge is showing in the midwestern states, however spots are emerging across the country.

COVID’s Second Surge has begun with a vengeance.

So, it’s way past time to step up to the plate and stop the spread of this virulent virus.

Let’s get serious about the science of this plasma cell technology that destroys not only the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but also the influenza, staph, Mycobacterium…which causes tuberculosis, every bacteria, and fungus which includes molds.

First, unless you work in healthcare of medical research, the various infectious organisms that are found on surfaces and in the air may be unfamiliar to you. You read the lysol can, and you see advertisements, but really what is Bacillus Subtilis or Aspergillus anyway?

It’s important to know in times like these, what may be making you, your students or co-workers, or your family sick?

Once you understand the kinds of organisms that seek to invade your body, then we can talk about how to kill them on surfaces and in the air.

The Easiest Pathogens to Destroy are Hepatitis B, Influenza, and HIV

The Second Level includes gram negative and gram positive bacteria like Staph and Salmonella as well as E.coli, Strep, Pseudomonas, and MRSA which is methicillin resistant staph.

The Third Level of Pathogens more difficult to destroy then the ones above is Fungi…this includes molds and yeasts. The worst of these is Trichophyton and to be labeled a Fungicide, a product must kill Trichophyton. This category also includes Aspergillus and Candida.

If a product can destroy Bacillus Subtilis, it can be labeled Sporocide and Sterilant by the EPA.

The next three levels are those increasingly difficult to kill:

**The Fourth Level of Pathogen virulence is the non-enveloped category including Rhinovirus, Herpes, Polio, and SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The Fifth Level is next to the hardest to destroy. This one is Mycobacterium Tuberculosis…the pathogen that kills tuberculosis.

And the Sixth and Most Difficult level of pathogen is Spores and Protozoans. Bacillus Subtilis is the most difficult to destroy in this category…and it includes Giardia, Clostridium and Cryptosporidium.
If a product can destroy Bacillus Subtilis, it can be labeled Sporocide and Sterilant by the EPA.

So all pathogens known to man can fit into one of these categories. Surprising, isn’t it, that some of the most terrifying illnesses known to man are caused by pathogens that really aren’t all that hard to destroy by disinfecting?

And listen to this story. Staphylococcus aureus or Staph as we call it, can be found almost anywhere. There is a variety of Staph pathogens, but Staph aureus is a common one. On your skin, your floors, your countertops… but if it enters your body through an abrasion or cut, it can create a terrible skin infection.

A 21 year-old university student who lived in the dorm, along with her suite mates, was not that fastidious housekeeper that she might grow to be as she matured.

So 4 girls using the same bathroom, laying toothbrushes on the counter, sneezing, etc… had a rather contaminated bathroom counter. She leaned her arm on that counter while putting on makeup and didn’t realize she had a scratch on her lower arm.

Within a few days, she had a network of terrible, deep abscesses connected by fistula tunneling on the inside of her arm that required surgery to drain and a week in the hospital of IV antibiotics. Very painful.

Disinfecting surfaces like that counter can save lives, as well as prevent suffering!

So that’s an example of what seems invisible and harmless becoming a pathogenic invader when pathogens are allowed to remain on surfaces.

Removing all these pathogens from surfaces is paramount for your health and the health of those who matter to you.

Even so, our focus in this post is primarily SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and influenza to prepare for this virulent season that’s upon us.

And there is a disinfecting, air purifying system that beats anything else available. Developed at MIT and NASA, it was prepared for biological warfare when it emerged.

This system makes use of an attractive unit – Novaerus and Airocide -that destroys these pathogens in the air within 15 mins, and a mister -Steromist – that removes the same pathogens from all surfaces. State of the art.

Interestingly, COVID-19 is either purposeful or accidental biological warfare and thanks to this technology we’re ready and prepared to face it.

VB Enviro Care offers this technology that destroys organisms that cause both COVID-19 and influenza to be installed in schools, homes, clinics, offices, hospitals…the list is almost infinite.

But what’s important is that this system destroys the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a room within 15 minutes.

Novaerus and Airocide (Your Air): destroys these life-threatening pathogens in the air. It’s the best air purifier for viruses.

Steramist (Your Surfaces) : destroys them on surfaces. The best surface cleaner available. Leaving your room pathogen free in 15 minutes.

It’s fast. Complete.

Thanksgiving’s coming. The Holiday Season. Family.

With VB Enviro Care, you can enjoy your family freely in your home. Most people plan to meet with family over zoom during the holidays because of COVID’s Second Surge and the FLU season.

Why not bring your family together in a protected environment?

Relaxed, enjoying each other, and safe.

Call now (877) 345-7541 for installation in time for Thanksgiving.

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