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Best Way to Stop the Spread: Air Disinfection for COVID-19

28 / Sep / 21

The Second Surge of SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19) is being called the Third Surge by many. After the opening of businesses and relaxing of precautions in May, many areas saw a surge in the summer. Now, as temperatures drop, precautions are being tightened again, and a third surge in key areas is once again overloading hospitals.

Some cities, like El Paso, Texas, are setting up tents in parking lots to relieve the strain on hospital beds filled to capacity. In fact, El Paso has more daily cases than most states.

The daily count of hospitalized people in El Paso is 1076 as of last Tuesday. And don’t be fooled by the rhetoric that more cases doesn’t mean people are dying. El Paso had 4 mobile morgues and they’ve increased the number to 10.

And remember how there were 63,000 new US cases a day in September? According to public health officials in the US, that daily count of new cases was 172,391 this past Tuesday. And that was a 77% increase over the previous 2 weeks

So whether you call this COVID’s Second or the Third Surge, you need to know what to do

President-elect Biden is calling for mandates in every state requiring masks That can be very helpful. But there are also some problems in terms of preventing spread of SARS-CoV-2. While compliance with mask wearing is without question extremely important to slow the spread of this virus, more is needed

Masks do leak.

Some vaccines are expected in January, more in late Spring. Another important and useful step. But we will see a lot of people in the hospital and a lot who die by that time.

But, there is still the pressing need to obliterate the COVID-19 virus in spaces where people gather. It’s in the air.

So AIR DISINFECTION for COVID is necessary.

  1. In most states, families have the choice to allow their children to attend school remotely over the internet, or…they can send their children to school wearing masks.
  2. While many corporate offices are allowing or requiring their employees to work remotely, there are also plenty that are going to the office every day, and hopefully wearing masks. How well is that enforced? It varies.
  3. Companies that require employees to be on site, such as bakers, brewers, auto maintenance companies, grocery stores, pharmacies…the list goes on…. Are requiring or expecting employees to wear masks. But again, how well is it enforced? Masks worn under the chin or below the nose are ineffective
  4. The same is true of hospitals and clinics. Most wear masks. But how compliant is the staff? In many hospitals, visitors are banned for the pandemic. But not all.
  5. According to the NY Times, scientists confirm that there is little or no evidence that deep cleaning is effective against the spread of COVID-19….because it’s airborne indoor


More is needed to stop the spread. Do masks matter? YES!!

Does hand washing matter? YES!

Does social distancing matter? YES!!

But 6ft is not enough because aerosolized viruses drift through the air 30 FT or more.

On the other hand, if that space…such as a grocery store or school, had technology installed throughout to kill the virus?

There are some great cleaners out there, and some good air purifiers. But what’s needed is the technology that annihilates the virus. So their air is disinfected and pathogen-free.

Yes, technology that can do that is a bit sci-fi-ish. There was a time when landing on the moon was sci-fi-ish. But not any more. Now?

It’s a thing!!!

Landing on the moon is no longer surprising, is it?

Been there, done that. And the technology to REMOVE and DESTROY viruses in the air and on surfaces is now available through a process called plasma cell technology.

This isn’t like a product sold on a 30 minute television promo. It’s no flash in the pan. It’s not hype.

This technology was developed at MIT and NASA in preparation for biological warfare.

The key is to have the components installed in your space. And it doesn’t just remove the COVID-19 virus but influenza virus, too. In fact, it removes viruses, bacteria, fungi such as molds.

So what is plasma cell technology and what makes it work so well on pathogens that try to make you sick?

Plasma Cell Technology

Many air purifiers on the market rely on high quality filtration and applications like UV, ozone, or chemicals to capture organisms. They’re not completely thorough, but the pathogens stack up in the filters where they colonize and multiply, then escape back into the indoor environment.

These stacked up pathogens pose a risk to those who have to remove remove or clean filters. And many of these filters DON’T trap those tiny virus particles.

But plasma cell technology kills airborne pathogens at the molecular level. It uses a process involving electrons in the molecules that creates a high voltage “force field.” When a pathogen, no matter how tiny, crosses this field, it instantly oxidizes and dies. Destroyed. Obliterated. Nada.

So let’s take it a step farther. Plasma is known as the fourth state of matter. Basically, there are four in all: liquid, gas, solid…and a gas made up of electrically charged ions and electrons, as opposed to neutrally charged atoms and molecules, is plasma.

So stay with us now … atoms and molecules are surrounded by a specific number of electrons. If there is an equal number of protons and electrons, the atom or molecule has a neutral charge. But if there is an extra electron in the atom or molecule, or if there are less electrons than protons, the atom or molecule is an ion and no longer neutral. The ion is electrically charged.

So back to plasma, a gas made up of electrically charged ions and electrons.

In the case of viruses, they’re covered with a coating that helps them enter a cell and function. And their function? Basically to make you sick.

Plasma cell technology oxidizes this coating by changing the number of electrons in the atoms of the virus coating. The result is the virus is instantly destroyed when that protective coating is oxidized.

And the virus cannot enter a cell or function at all. In fact, the virus is gone. Destroyed. Decimated. Disappeared. GONE

Attractive efficient units.

As we’ve discussed before, Novaerus and Airocide (Your Air) are units that use this technology, and disinfect and remove COVID and all other viruses from the air.

Steromist (Your Surfaces) removes these pathogens from surfaces.



And perpetual.

True air disinfection for COVID-19. Ready to install.

Let’s discuss this environment-transforming technology for your space. For your clinic, hospital, office, school, and home.

Do you remember when no one had air conditioning? If not, it was hot in the summer. But we take for granted now that every space we enter will be conditioned…as in cool. Because the idea of AC caught on, didn’t it? We would not consider a building, house, or car without it now’

It’s a way of life for our comfort.

This is the time to not only condition the air in all closed spaces -for comfort, but to disinfect and purify it at the highest level. For every space to be disinfected of pathogens that cause devastating illness.

It should be a way of life for our safety. True air disinfection is as expected as air conditioning. The 21st century has the technology to make all enclosed environments pathogen free.

You’re already cool. Stay well.

Do it, for the people who matter. (Which is everyone, right?)

To choose VB Envirocare’s virus obliterating technology for your space by Thanksgiving, call 877-345-7541, or visit VBenvirocare.com


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