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Airborne Viruses: How They Spread

28 / Sep / 21

During the past 12 months, society has gotten an up-close-and-personal look at just how deadly airborne viruses can be. Unfortunately, people can be exposed to airborne viruses at almost any time. Similar to other diseases, these viruses are capable of causing a wide variety of symptoms. Therefore, it is important for every homeowner and business owner to take the appropriate steps to purify their air. What exactly are airborne viruses and why are they so dangerous?

Airborne Viruses Are Particularly Contagious

First, it is critical to distinguish between airborne viruses and viruses that can be transmitted via droplets. Viruses that can be transmitted via droplets are already contagious. They can be transmitted by sneezing, coughing, or spitting on someone else because these viruses are transmitted via respiratory droplets.
Even though droplet viruses are already contagious, airborne viruses are even more contagious. Airborne viruses can be transmitted simply by breathing on someone else, which is not something that can happen with droplet viruses. Furthermore, airborne viruses are particularly dangerous because some people may not even know they are infected before transmitting the virus to someone else. In order to mitigate the transmission of these viruses, it is important to take advantage of the most advanced tools on the market, such as the Airocide Air Purifier.

The Airocide Air Purifier Can Mitigate the Spread of Airborne Viruses

The Airocide Air Purifier has been meticulously designed and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce the transmission of airborne viruses. The Airocide Air Purifier was engineered by NASA, where it has been used to remove particulate matter, dander, dust, viruses, mold, and bacteria from the International Space Station. Therefore, it can be used to purify the air in homes and businesses as well.
This portable air purifier comes in many sizes to fit all needs. This allows users to tailor the Airocide Air Purifier to meet their needs.

Order an Airocide Air Purifier for Your Home or Business Today!

VB Enviro Care offers a range air filtration technology designed as first-line protection to kill and deactivate harmful micro-organisms such as molds, viruses, and bacteria like Airocide. It reduces the spread of pathogens creating a healthy bubble for everyone in the protected areas.

If you want to protect your family members, friends, and co-workers from the dangers of airborne viruses, then you need to take advantage of the Airocide Air Purifier. Order an Airocide Air Purifier today and improve the cleanliness of your air while also protecting the health of those around you! Contact us today to learn more about the Airocide Air Purifier!

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