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COVID Dining Cabanas & Other Precarious Perils

28 / Sep / 21

Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving holiday was dandy, and that you stayed healthy throughout. And your BLACK Friday online shopping? Get lots of great deals..??
By now, you should be deep into December and the Winter Holiday Season. Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever you celebrate at this time of year.

Just Like Haley.

Haley was newly engaged and so excited about planning her wedding. Every day she woke up thinking about what she could do to scratch off her list while indulging her hopeful enthusiasm.

Haley was no bridezilla. She was in love, and spread it around on everyone she saw wherever she went. She’d already tried on wedding gowns and felt like she was in a dream when she looked at herself in the mirror at the bridal salon. Her mom and best friend tearing up, they had to have a group hug.

Blake, Haley’s fiancé, was certainly excited, too. He felt like he had a real treasure in her, and was still pinching himself that she’d accepted his proposal.

Since it was the holidays, they were combining gift shopping with wedding shopping. Most of it was online, but sometimes they liked to get out check out one of the shops that were actually open in spite of pandemic precautions, or get a mug of hot chocolate under the Christmas lights and decorations on the street.

Some of the restaurants had arranged transparent sidewalk cabanas that each contained a single table and chairs. It looked like a good way to escape the risk of contracting COVID from everyone on the sidewalk.

So they stopped by and each ordered a mug of cocoa piled high with whipped cream with a Christmas cookie on the side. They sipped their cocoa and talked of their dreams for the future, buying their first home, and how many children they ‘d like to have.

Then, they paid for their snack, slipped out of the cabana, and went home…resuming their online shopping.

Since Haley and Blake both were working from home during the pandemic, they weren’t exposed to other people very much. When they did go out, they were careful to wear protective masks.

A couple weeks later, Haley began to feel run down, exhausted, and a painful cough. Within 12 hours she ran a 102 degree fever. She texted Blake and told him not to come over. She didn’t want to expose him to whatever this was. By the following evening, she was feeling far worse. Weak, exhausted, and short of breath. Blake texted her that he was also feeling drained, and he had intestinal upset, as well as a cough. No fever yet.

Haley made arrangements for a COVID-19 test and her sister drove her to the drive through test. Forty two hours later she got a text message that the test was positive. So she called her doctor.

The next day her breaths were shallow and short and she didn’t have the strength to walk to the bathroom. She was home alone and called 911. The Emergency Department evaluated her oxygen and sent her to ICU and initiated a respirator.

Meanwhile, Blake was at home but finding it next to impossible to move around. His breathing wasn’t bad, but his fevers were running around 103 degrees. He was home alone, and obviously quarantined. He was so sick, and wondered how Haley could endure all these symptoms plus poor breathing. He wished he could help her and felt so utterly powerless.

When Blake got word from Haley’s family that she’d been transported to the hospital and was on a respirator, he was devastated. No visitors were allowed. He couldn’t stand it.

How did she get so sick? They were both 31 and healthy before this. They had very little exposure to people outside their homes. They’d gone for hot cocoa a couple weeks ago, but sat in that pod thing.

As he lay in bed, he thought about that pod…or cabana as they’d called it. He thought about how he sprayed the counters in his house often…he even sprayed packages and mail that arrived with hydrogen peroxide to prevent COVID contamination.

Did anyone spray down the surfaces in that cabana after EVERY SINGLE patron? That would include the interior surface of the walls, not just the table and chairs…and the door, as well. He’d seen none of that. What about the air? People were talking about those COVID viruses being suspended in the air…what could have been done to keep it safe?

After two weeks, Blake began to feel better. He was recovering. Never had to leave home. But he was getting daily reports on Haley, and she wasn’t breathing on her own. The reports were grave.

A week later, he got the call. His beloved Haley, his beautiful fiancée, passed away that morning.

How could it be????? She was young!! Strong!!! It was impossible.

Rage, loss, devastation, emptiness engulfed him. There was no way life would ever be bearable again.

He’d never been so empty, so powerless, so bereft in his life.

Now. We need to talk.

You get out to shop? See a friend? Though it’s not a recommended time of year for that with the whole pandemic thing going on, but still. You do what you have to do, right?

If you’re out and about to send off packages to loved ones or put gas in the car, and you see a favorite restaurant with a series of bubbles outside containing tables and chairs, you’re likely looking at COVID Cabanas.

No, it’s not a joke.

These little bubbles have been popping up in major cities, supposedly providing protection for patio diners from the virus that causes COVID-19.

With winter holiday shopping in full gear now, it can be appealing to passersby … at least to those who are intrigued by novelty, but not really using critical thinking skills.

These bubbles are enclosed spaces, and if anyone infected with COVID-19 goes inside one of these bubbles, and talks, breathes, coughs, etc… That bubble becomes an infected environment for the spread of COVID. So the next person who goes inside…

It’s a novel idea, yes. Pump warm air into that pod and it can sure look appealing when it’s cold outside. But shoppers walking down the street are actually safer from COVID than those who huddle into those little pods for hot cocoa.

Don’t be duped.

It’s within enclosed spaces that the particles of the virus collect and build. The air you breathe becomes more concentrated with them. In open air, where air circulates, the virus particles spread apart and the air becomes rather diluted with the virus.


Each pod is equipped with a Novaerus or Airocide unit that’s actively destroying viruses, bacteria, and molds in the air. All of it. Then, this equipment can solve the problem.

And Unless…

All surfaces are cleaned by Steramist which removes 99.9999% of the virus from them.

The safest innovation is the one filtering and purifying ALL the COVID and FLU viruses from the air and surfaces in that space.

Now, while the COVID Cabanas are the most glaring and dramatic fallacy we see, there are some others you need to stop and think about right NOW.

Things like touching your contacts without thoroughly cleaning the surfaces around you and fully washing your hands.

In fact, better yet, put those contacts away until after the pandemic and switch to glasses. Your eyes are extremely susceptible to contamination with your hands. Plus, when you think about the presence of aerosolized viruses in the air, it’s better to have the lenses of glasses protecting your eyes to the extent they can.

Also, nail biting is a high risk behavior right now. Break the habit or wear gloves all the time. Viruses and bacteria hide under your nails, and transmission of the virus by putting them in your mouth and biting them is easily accomplished. Just. STOP.

If you work from home, you’ve more power to control your environment. Keeping surfaces disinfected with Steramist greatly reduces the risk of self-contamination. And Airocide or Novaerus maintain purified air with bacteria and COVID causing virus removed. Influenza virus, too.

The CDC reports that COVID-19 cases in the US have increased by 1,127,300 in the last week. The momentum of spread is frightening.

This is the time to use every precaution to protect yourself and the people that matter in your life. And this is the time to take action.

Novaerus and Airocide use technology developed at MIT and NASA and remove all the virus particles from the air your breathe.

Steromist removes all the virus particles from every surface in your space. At home, in clinics and hospitals, in government offices, in schools at all levels…basically any space where people gather.

This is life saving technology and is available to you. Now. Affordably.

Call us now at 877-345-7541.

STOP the spread of COVID-19.



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