Keeping Your Family protected during the holidays

Best Way to Stop the Spread: Air Disinfection for COVID-19

The Second Surge of SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19) is being called the Third Surge by many. After the opening of businesses and relaxing of precautions in May, many areas saw a surge in the summer. Now, as temperatures drop, precautions are being tightened again, and a third surge in key areas is once again overloading hospitals.

Keeping Your Family protected during the holidays

COVID’s Second Surge is Upon Us - Let’s DESTROY IT

There’s a movement sweeping the world. It’s a movement to install technology in buildings, offices, hospitals, schools, and homes that destroys the virus that causes COVID-19. That virus is SARS-CoV-2. You may not be aware there is technology that out shines the wipes and sprays you buy from the store or Amazon… or even chemical companies.

winter 2020 flu season and Covid 19

The Flu Season To Beat All Flu Seasons

Jake finally finished his zoom meeting, and took a bathroom break. When he stopped in the kitchen for a glass of water, he ran into his wife, who was peeling off mask, gloves, and unloading groceries onto the counters.

“Hi Honey,” his wife greeted him with a kiss. “How was your zoom meeting?”

Dr Masson's Offices being Surface disinfected for CoVid-19

Is COVID-19 Reinventing Itself?

We’ve all heard stories about people who were reinfected, but according to experts those are believed to be due to testing errors. In fact, experts say those were more likely relapses.

However, in a case reported August 24, the world’s first reinfection was identified. And this discovery brings up some serious concerns we need to think about.

Dr Masson's Offices being Surface disinfected for CoVid-19

Let’s Face It: We Must Figure Out Ways to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus in Homes and Schools

It’s time to do something about the real problem with COVID-19.

Yes, we wear masks. Good ones, poor ones, and everything in between. The guy who pulls his t-shirt neck opening over his nose? No… not a real mask…  Why? 

Dr Masson's Offices being Surface disinfected for CoVid-19

VB Enviro Care Launched to Protect Hospitals, Manufacturers and Homeowners from Infectious Diseases, Including COVID-19.

Businesses owe it to their employees and customers to provide them with an environment that is as protected from viruses as possible.

Performance Tech Motorsports Creates COVID-19 Safe Zone for Crew and Drivers

Performance Tech Motorsports always places safety first, whether it’s on or off the track.

VB Enviro Care and Enviro-Mist Inc. Championing for Safe Opening of Community’s

VB Enviro Care aims to bring safety and peace of mind to reopening the communities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


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