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Asked Questions

  • 1. General
  • 2. Terminology
  • 3. Steramist
  • 4. Microbarrier
  • 5. Airocide
  • 6. Protect / Defend

01 What is the difference between sanitation and disinfection?

02 I don’t run a business, but would your products be effective in my home?

03 What is Plasma?

01 Microorganisms

02 Pathogens

03 Plasma

04 Disinfection

05 Sanitation

06 Reactive Oxygen Species

07 Hydroxyl Radical

08 Oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction

09 Oxidation

010 Reduction

011 Oxidizing agent

012 Reducing agent

013 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS)

014 Lysis

015 Photolysis

016 BIT Solution

017 IHP

018 Application Time

01 What is SteraMist?

02 What’s in the mist?

03 What is the science behind the SteraMist?

04 What are the byproducts of the Mist?

05 What is BIT Solution?

06 Is SteraMist BIT solution safe?

07 Is the SteraMist safe to use near food products?

08 Is the SteraMist safe to use around animals?

09 Do I only need SteraMist if I have had an outbreak?

010 Does the SteraMist leave a residue?

011 Why is SteraMist better than manual disinfection?

012 Is SteraMist safe for electronics?

013 What is Contact Time?

01 What is the science behind the Microbarrier?

02 How long does Microbarrier protect?

03 Can it be wiped off?

04 What is Microbarrier made of?

05 Is Microbarrier safe?

01 What type of allergens can your air purifiers remove from the air?

02 What size area does the unit handle?

03 What kind of maintenance is required?

04 Is there a warranty?

05 How can I check my order status?

06 The unit emitted a smell when I initially turned it on. Is this normal? How long does this last?

07 What does the ‘auto’ button do?

08 Will Airocide remove dog hair?

09 How many fans does the Airocide have?

010 How much noise does the Airocide emit?

011 What’s the recommended placement of the Airocide for optimum results?

012 Does the grill require any special care/cleaning?

013 Does Airocide Emit Ozone?

01 What is the science behind the Protect/Defend Units?

02 How do the Protect/Defend Units fight against COVID-19?

03 Does the Protect/Defend units raise the price of an electricity bill?

04 Do the Protect/Defend Units Make a noise?

05 How much maintenance is there involved?

06 Does the Protect/Defend unit come with a warranty?

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