Technical Terminology


  • Small organisms such as Bacteria and Viruses


  • Bacteria or Viruses that can cause disease


  • Fourth State of matter
  • Made of ionic gas with free electrons
  • Electrically conductive


  • Destroys/Inactivates both bacteria and viruses


  • Only reduces the number of germs

Cold Plasma Arc (Non-Thermal Plasma)

  • Cold Plasma Arc is used to sanitize food
  • Plasma not in thermodynamic equilibrium
  • Only the electrons are thermalized, but all other ions within the system are not
  • Think Fluorescent Lamps

Reactive Oxygen Species

  • ROS is any reactive chemical that contains oxygen atoms

Hydroxyl Radical        

  • Highly reactive/Short-lived
  • Oxidizing agent


Oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction

  • Type of chemical reaction that involves the transfer of electrons from 2 species


  • A reaction that causes the loss of electrons to another species


  • A reaction that causes the gain of electrons from another species

Oxidizing agent

  • Gains electrons through redox reactions

Reducing agent

  • Loses electrons through redox reactions


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS)

  • Compounds containing carbon that are harmful to living organisms


  • The disintegration of a cell by rupture of cell wall or membrane


  • Lysis of cell through UV Light

BIT Solution

  • Binary Ionized Technology


  • Ionized Hydrogen peroxide

6-Log reduction

  • 1/10^6
  • 9999%
  • Divided by 1,000,000

Application Time

  • Amount of time it takes to apply BIT solution
  • <hr />

Contact Time

  • Amount of time required for the iHP to react and achieve maximum efficiency

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